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2021 Asia International Traffic Technology and Engineering Acilities Exhibition


On October 14th, the annual high-quality, large-scale traffic engineering exhibition in western China-2021 Asian International Traffic Engineering and Facilities Exhibition hosted by the Traffic Engineering Facilities Branch of the China Transportation Association and Hengxing International Convention and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. in China (Chengdu) Grand Opening of Western International Expo City. 200 exhibiting companies made their grand debut with ultra-traffic engineering products and solutions.

In the 20,000 square meter display area, they gathered the transportation construction industries such as intelligent transportation technology and products, traffic safety facilities and engineering technology, road, bridge and tunnel engineering technology and maintenance technology, etc. The iterative technology and innovation achievements of the People’s Republic of China have helped the high-quality development of the western transportation construction.

Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd. participated in this exhibition. Ruichen Traffic Group carries many self-developed and produced solar high-tech transportation equipment and products, such as: Solar Road Stud, Reflective Road Stud, Solar Traffic Sign, Solar Street Light, Road Marking Machine, Solar Smart Bench and the most popular traffic Product Smart Crosswalk System. These high-quality solar products have been unanimously loved and recognized by Chinese and foreign customers at the exhibition.

The curtain of the 2021 Asia International Transportation Technology and Engineering Facilities Exhibition opens. An endless stream of innovative technologies, new products on display, and changing industry needs, converge and merge in the Asia International Transportation Exhibition, presenting a vision and technology for the industry. A platform for scientific and technological exchanges and results display with strong, wide coverage and excellent service.

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Scenic Solar Studs: How to light up a unique Solar Studs for the scenic area?

Many tourist attractions suffer from the phenomenon of “seeing the scene during the day and walking at night”, and the image quality of the scenic spot at night is poor: the attraction at night is lacking, the interface of the scenic spot at night is not continuous, and the overall environment is dim; The serious “difficulty in retaining visitors” has severely restricted the development of all aspects of the scenic spot.
Scenic Solar Studs is a special form of lighting. It has higher requirements for natural and human characteristics. It is strict in the selection of Solar Studs, and the implementation of lighting engineering standards is elaborated. So, what factors should be considered in general?

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If Solar Studs cannot withstand a certain amount of pressure, it will easily break after the car is crushed or impacted, and naturally cannot work normally, so compressive resistance is a basic condition for Solar Studs to work normally. But the problem is that Solar Studs itself is an electronic product that contains electronic parts. It is indeed not easy to make the electronic parts have a higher degree of compressive performance.

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Solar Road Stud (Solar road cat eye) is also called solar cast aluminum road light, reflective markers, LED road stud lights, etc. It is charged by solar panels and stored in a battery. It will automatically emit light at night or in rainy and foggy weather when the light is insufficient. Guide the vehicle in the correct direction and effectively ensure traffic safety.

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