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Smart Crosswalks Operates For Two Weeks To Achieve Safety Results


Two weeks after the operation of Solar Road Stud Smart Crosswalks, it is shown that Solar Road Stud Smart Crosswalks has played an obvious two-way warning effect on pedestrians and passing vehicles on crosswalks at night, achieving the expected results.

Among them, the Solar Road Stud Smart Crosswalks project, through color change and flashing, effectively reminds pedestrians crossing the street, especially the “low-headed people” crossing the passage time and passage area, the early warning function is very significant, because of looking down at the mobile phone, red light running and unregulated waiting Such illegal traffic behaviors have been significantly reduced compared to before implementation. At the same time, Solar Road Studs can clearly remind motor vehicle drivers to be courteous to the zebra crossing, slow down and slow down, reduce the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians, and improve traffic safety at intersections.

Road stud visible distance>500m

It does not affect the driving safety of drivers. According to reports, the implementation of “Solar Road Stud Smart Crosswalks” mainly uses Solar Road Stud and Underground Crosswalk Road Stud Light, both of which are designed for durability. The field test has taken into account the needs of durability and beauty.

Solar Road Studs uses a flexible solar film for light collection and electricity storage, avoiding the phenomenon that traditional silicon film is easily damaged by pressure during use. It uses GPS technology for synchronous flicker control. The visible distance is greater than 500 meters, and the enclosure protection level It is IPX8 grade, and the compressive strength is more than 40 tons. Solar Road Studs has been commissioned and tested on site, and its flashing frequency and brightness will not affect the driving safety of drivers.

The buried Solar Road Studs pedestrian crossing signal light is designed with high-strength compression and earthquake resistance. The outdoor protection level has reached IP68. It has passed various performance tests such as low temperature, high temperature and salt fog, and can fully withstand daily vehicles and Pedestrians crush and trample. The structure of the light strip is also specially designed with a limit baffle that is convenient for daily maintenance, which can be easily taken out when maintenance is needed, and the maintenance is simple.

Solar Road Stud Smart Crosswalks has completed more than 15 congestion point management tasks, and 11 points have been completed. After evaluating the effects of completed points, the effect of congestion point management is obvious.

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Scenic Solar Studs is a special form of lighting. It has higher requirements for natural and human characteristics. It is strict in the selection of Solar Studs, and the implementation of lighting engineering standards is elaborated. So, what factors should be considered in general?

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If Solar Studs cannot withstand a certain amount of pressure, it will easily break after the car is crushed or impacted, and naturally cannot work normally, so compressive resistance is a basic condition for Solar Studs to work normally. But the problem is that Solar Studs itself is an electronic product that contains electronic parts. It is indeed not easy to make the electronic parts have a higher degree of compressive performance.

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Solar Road Stud (Solar road cat eye) is also called solar cast aluminum road light, reflective markers, LED road stud lights, etc. It is charged by solar panels and stored in a battery. It will automatically emit light at night or in rainy and foggy weather when the light is insufficient. Guide the vehicle in the correct direction and effectively ensure traffic safety.

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